Dance aerobics is generally a high-energy workout that aims to improve your cardiovascular endurance. Workouts are typically set to fast-paced music that determine the pace and rhythm of your movements. This approach to exercise helps optimize the amount of calories you burn by keeping your heart rate elevated throughout a session. Dance aerobics is therefore ideal if you are trying to lose weight and tone muscles. The various stepping and jumping movements can be enhanced by incorporating a stepper into your routine, and you can hold light dumbbells to make your arms and shoulder work harder.

School is having spacious dance room fitted with mirrors and state of the art latest music system to help students to learn and perform various types of dances. The mirrors on the wall gives opportunity to students to closely observe their body movements and postures and help them improve their performance. Well qualified and experienced dance teachers guide, coach and train students in various Indian style of dances, Western and other host of dance styles.